Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Today's update

Look at Adam's notty face here- with his 'goldfish mouth'. Hahaha

Not only that he can now clap his hands when we sing "Pok amai-amai"...
He can also babble "bwa bwa...bwa bwa.." gibberishly with his hands at his mouth.
You should have seen the proud looks on Mama's face!

(p/s: note his tiny tooth in the pix below)

Well, folks...all worries must come to an end, you see. A couple of weeks ago I was so worried thinking about the house to buy. Last night, eventually the couple decided to sell the property to us.

It was a good day. Alas, bittersweet, I must say.
For I am a bit upset when they just give a discount of RM2000 :P

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