Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Of TTDI or Section 19

Whew! I have submitted the exam questions! Less burden...so now I can simply focus on my lectures and other stuff.

Last Saturday, my Programme had a presentation of the Industrial Training students. The session started with a hearing of a problematic student who had her own mind of arranging her industrial training. Not to be harsh, but she deserved it! She once created such a problem with me. The conclusion was, the case will be brought up to the faculty level.

Sunday... Sham & I went to view another house in TTDI. In the afternoon, I handled a 3-hour Module for the students. Not a big issue...

Hmmm... mentioning about the house, yesterday, I sought Dr Wan's opinion on the houses we are considering to buy.
The options are some houses in TTDI and one in Section 19.
He said... Despite the flood-prone issue, I should consider the arrangement/location, hygiene and facilities in the vicinity of TTDI. TTDI is a dengue area though bcoz it's a humid place.
Well, being a TTDIan, obviously he looks at the bright side of TTDI.

I personally think that I prefer the houses in TTDI. But I don't really mind if Sham wants the other one.

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