Friday, July 18, 2008

House or Home?

Last weekend, Sham & I went to have a look at another house to buy in Section 8. Amazingly, it was nicely decorated and arranged. Minor renovation has been done and the interior design made me feel as if I were seeing a showhouse! It is not spacious, but it's ok. What matters most is I like it!

So, I don't mind when the previous owner of the house in Bukit Bandaraya did not respond after we signed the S&P. That house was not in a good condition (that's common when it is rented out) anyway and I just don't feel that it's gonna a be a 'home'. It's more like a house!

I hoped the couple will agree to lower down the price a little bit. Even if they don't, I think it's worthy.

Just now, Sham called after getting the owners' decision. Not only that they agreed to decrease the price, instead they are increasing it to somewhat Rm25K more.
I am not a raging maniac, but why in the first place they put such an affordable price?

There goes my dream...Needless to say, now we have to start looking around for other houses...

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