Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Funny translation found while travelling

I bet most of you have seen funny signages while travelling kan? It's just the matter whether you bother to snap a pic for your blog (blogger tegar punya kes) or FB (makan FB, tido FB) or not...

I am still looking around for one.
Meanwhile, here are some for you to laugh at.

1. What kind of food can cause pregnancy? Taken at a restaurant next to Hill Tribe Museum, Chiang Rai, Thailand. – Mei Y.

2. Lunch in China….are you feeling lucky? – Paul D.

3. Sweet! @Beijing – Ana C.

4. Really? At the lift??? – Nadx S.

5. Thanx for explanation ;) – Trish H.

6. How I got a new free suitcase over in China… – Klara U.

7. Spicy Grandma? I’d rather not. Beijing. – John W.

8. I think I just lost my appetite. – Ed S.

9. What kind of orphans are we talking here? Taken in Nairobi, Kenya – Jesse O.

10. Keep Off The Grass in Shanghai – Karen M.

11. Welcome to “Translate serve error” restaurant. Wait!! maybe they should try another translate machine. – Pattie L

12. Take back those teenage mistakes – Chris S.

13. Girl picking up HOT GRAVY at Shanghai Airport, China – Maude C.

14. Your vehicle. He is not responsible for it. – Michael H.

15. Very catchy food they serve in Egypt – Claire Z.

16. The cutest translation I’ve ever seen. Hangzhou Botanical Gardens, China – Rebecca C

17. Obviously this is place to do… what? – Pasi R.

18. Who knew dog-ends were so dangerous… – Alyssa B.

19. The best place to park your camel – Kate M.

20. The sort of madness you see in the capital of China… – Carinne A.

If I find one in Dubai, I will surely have it snapped to be shared here. Hehehe. Stay tuned ;)

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  1. Most of the fascinated signage can be found in China. I've found some in Malaysia too.

  2. kt msia pun byk esp kedai cina, kedai india :p


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