Sunday, December 18, 2011

I found the boy who can beat Steve Irwin

Everybody knows this guy, I suppose. The wildlife warrior (sebut betul-betuk..WILDLIFE, not wallaihh. Hihihi )


And there is Steve Irwin Jr... No, not Bindi.

This one is a boy. And he is in MY HOUSE!

"It's just a croc, mate."

He can even KISS and BITE THE CROC!!!

See for yourself. Isn't he braver than Mr Irwin??? Haha. No offense okay ;)

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  1. haha...
    comel gile adib gigit moncong buaya tu... :D

  2. alolol.. comeynya steve irwin jr. nih.. jemput le join kuiz GA blog saya :)


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