Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Artwork for Father's Day

Here's a pic of Lil Adam's artwork for Father's Day.

Beria dia tenyeh marker pen merah tu... sampai tak nampak tulisan kat top left corner tu. Hihi


We are heading south, to assess my students undergoing industrial training at 5 places.

See this boy of mine, berangan sambil baham ring sling...

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  1. creative lah..tapi what happened to mama?

    safe trip!!

  2. caya lah!!!!5 stars for Lil Adam Muahhh!!!

  3. comel jer kad tu :)

    happy father's day jugak utk ayah adam & adib :)

  4. wahh..comelnya..bila la nak dapat card dari anak2 pulak ni...hehe..


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