Thursday, June 3, 2010

Is your baby a girl or a boy?

Masa tengah boring tadi... suddenly Winie called me to play a game. It's to check the baby's gender.

I had to key-in my birthdate and the conception date (estimate la lebih kurang).
But as I believe not everybody remembers the latter, I tried a few dates (range)... guess what? It turned out to be

It's a baby girl!!!

A Chinese scientist discovered this chart which was buried in a royal tomb about 700 years ago. The original is kept in the Institute of Science of Peking. The accuracy of the chart has been proven by thousands of people and is believed to be 99 percent accurate!
However, according to our survey in 1999, we find the accuracy rate of this prediction is less than 80 percent.

Mula la nak percaya ni (elehh..sebab aku memang gatal nak anak pompuan).

Okay, sapa nak try..boleh klik sini. Good luck!


  1. Wah, now we pray that it will come true, ya?

    Apparently it is quite accurate - feedback from ppl I know who have used that to actually time the conception. :)

  2. time zone=PST ke?
    ehhee...mine, IT'S GOING TO BE A BOY! Insyallah...hehhee, same lah cm u i tringin nak boy lak.Emm,my instinct mcm boy sbb alahnya lain mcm,aktif/ gerak awal dan tade rasa nak melaram!
    Ahhaa...Tgklaah, berdoa je. Apa2 pun takpe asalkan sihat cukup sifat semua!

  3. tak bole dipercayai. sbb mine tak sama. hehe.

  4. Hehehe...dah try, it's a girl jugak. Tunggu dan lihat jer lah nnt (^_^)

  5. reitak,
    aminnn... hrp2 nya betul la.kekeke

    time zone +8 ye, kakak.
    hrp2 u dpt boy, leh sepasang terus.

    lea shmea,
    u ingat ke dulu u conceive berapa hb? uii..hebattt.

    ngeee:P kita tengok nanti ye.

  6. alaaa.... my result salah.... i buat dapat boy!!!! hehehehehe....
    ok jgn percaya... mmg tak betul.. :D

  7. what does ur instinct say? girl ke boy? masa i pregnant kan aisyah, i sorta knew it was gonna be a girl. my mom pon very convinced she was a girl. hubs and i x nak tahu jantina sampai lahir. lo and behold, masa dah operate baru tahu dia girl hehe. i believe that deep down we know what we are carrying :)

    what about u? to know or not to know? ;)

  8. ahhahahah...mesti la nak gegirl pulak kan..baru best..xpe xpe, i tlg doakan ekk..nk gak tgk 'hawa' =)


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