Monday, November 21, 2011

Be like a woman's skirt!

Bersiaran dari Langkawi.

Today and tomorrow I'll be presenting two papers at this SKAM24 conference.
Membebel kat students berbakul-bakul dalam kelas -oh well, it's my area of expertise kan? :P
But when it comes to having other audiences,...errr....errr.....hati goyang la jugak.

Anyway, the rule says...

When speaking in public, TRY TO BE LIKE A WOMAN'S SKIRT.

Long enough to be respectful.
But short enough to be interesting.

Wish me all the best, peeps.


  1. I like...the skirt...i mean the proverb...actually..!

  2. vavava... p langkawi noo.. baru ingt nk ajak dating Jumaat nih.. selamat bercuti, eh.. ber'conference' :p

  3. Good Luck to you... i don't like skirt therefore i don't like to talk in public either... i mean audience yg tidak dikenali le... kalau audience nye dr kalangan memember ok lg ler...

  4. good nice lah proverb tu.. first time dengar..

  5. banyak quote yang best aku dengar hr ni :p

    A good friend is like a good bra - Comfy - Always lifts me up and Never lets me down

  6. wow! suka dengan quote skirt tu...


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