Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Aircond makes you fatter!!!

If you stop and think about this for a moment, it makes perfect sense. If an environment is too hot or too cold, your body has to burn calories in order to adjust its internal temperature accordingly. When you have air conditioning, your body does not have to do a thing because the temperature is ideal! Obviously, this wouldn’t have an overly dramatic effect on a person’s weight, but turning off the A/C is something to consider for people who are trying to lose a couple pounds here and there.

10 Causes of Obesity
The Alabama group puts forth these 10 "additional explanations" for obesity:
1. Sleep debt. Getting too little sleep can increase body weight. Today's Americans get less shut-eye than ever.
2. Pollution. Hormones control body weight. And many of today’s pollutants affect our hormones.
3. Air conditioning. You have to burn calories if your environment is too hot or too cold for comfort. But more people than ever live and work in temperature-controlled homes and offices.
4. Decreased smoking. Smoking reduces weight. Americans smoke much less than they used to.
5. Medicine. Many different drugs -- including contraceptives, steroid hormones, diabetes drugs, some antidepressants, and blood pressure drugs -- can cause weight gain. Use of these drugs is on the upswing.
6. Population age, ethnicity. Middle-aged people and Hispanic-Americans tend to be more obese than young European-Americans. Americans are getting older and more Hispanic.
7. Older moms. There's some evidence that the older a woman is when she gives birth, the higher her child's risk of obesity. American women are giving birth at older and older ages.
8. Ancestors' environment. Some influences may go back two generations. Environmental changes that made a grandparent obese may "through a fetally driven positive feedback loop" visit obesity on the grandchildren.
9. Obesity linked to fertility. There's some evidence obese people are more fertile than lean ones. If obesity has a genetic component, the percentage of obese people in the population should increase.
10. Unions of obese spouses. Obese women tend to marry obese men. If there are fewer thin people around -- and if obesity has a genetic component -- there will be still more obese people in the next generation.


  1. Tadi tengah hari blackout.. panaz... huhuhu. tapi lemak-lemakku masih setia padaku hihhhihi..

  2. that's why I hate aircond! but just don't have the choice when I'm in the office. huhu

  3. but when you are in a colder environment, your metabolic rate will rise to keep your body warm...So by right you burn calories, don't you? By left....I tak sure lah :)

    But of course if the aircond is at equilibrium with your body temp, then no extra calories burnt I suppose....

    my 2 cents ;p

  4. kalo dah sejuk plak, asyik nak makan. i mmg x brp gemar winter sbb asyik nak ngunyah je kejeeee...

  5. heh i kadang2 working out dalam aircond environment.. aci tak?

  6. hmmm..tu la psl.
    tapi logiknya, nape org dlm pantang xleh dok dlm kipas/aircond (kalo yg betul2 strict la).

  7. mmg sakitlh urat2 seharian sejuk dlm aircond.rasa tak chatjer


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