Thursday, May 12, 2011

Donat perisa Ron97

As a donut that I think...

When the govt announced that the price for sugar increased to RM2.30 per kg...
which is more expensive than a liter of Ron 97...

prolly it's about time we replace the sweet toppings on the donuts with the fuel.



  1. I always love the smell of petrol, but on a donut ... ;D

  2. but then Belle, a chocolate ganache (topping) is just thicken cream with cooking chocolate you know....

    maybe then we should just have the ganache without the donut, No? hahaha

    my hand is itching for another homemade supermoist choc fudge kek kukus with chocolate ganache sugar required. Just a box of pillbury's cake mix..tapi kalau tu pun naik harga..ishk MELAMPAU sungguh!!

  3. whohoooo... sanggup ke mkn? ^_^ agk-agk klu mintak kengkwn belanja donut yg bertoppingkn fuel tu..rmai x nk belanja? heheheh

  4. Tetiba aku jadi naive amat.

    Belle, ada ke jual? Sungguh? Nak rasa lah macam ni.

    Hahaha mampus!

  5. kalau ada, sanggup makan??? hehe

  6. hahahaha hang ni macam2 tau. good one! :-p


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