Sunday, September 13, 2015

Waffle King

*backdated entry*

What did I do when MrHubby's burning his calories (went playing table tennis)?

I add more calories. Hehehe. Sugar to be exact.
And this time it was with Wen.

Tried a new place (new to me la!)---the Waffle King

85b Sturt Rd, Dover Gardens SA 5048, Australia
Cantik interior design dia. Macam fairy tales gitu.

We were spoilt with choices.
So I ended up with a waffle with icecream, while Wen had this so-called healthier choice (just because it comes with some fruits).

Makanan sampai, apa lagi?
Amik gambar la... Dasar Asians!

Makan... sembang...gossip...

Oh.... review?
Ambience - 5/5
Food - 5/5
Price - 4/5
Service -5/5 (sebab waiter tu tolong amikkan gambar kitorang. Hahaha)

One for the camera...kat luar kedai.

Excuse my muka serabai... tak kuasa nak mekap-mekap sangat aritu.
Wen lain la..x mekap pun, cantik selalu.

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