Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My dear PIC- happy and sad moments

*backdated entry*

PhD journey can be lonely, unless if you have 'happening' friends around you. 
Sharon, my partner-in-crime submitted her thesis eventually, setelah berpenat lelah bersengkang mata sampai tak cukup tidur. 

So, on her birthday, it really was a celebration.
  • Birthday
  • Submission
  • Farewell

Aku pun balik awal, sebab nak gi berkumpul kat UniSA Magill....

*laughing at her, for joining us without knee-length boots*

The strugglers and survivors.
Atun, Hilda, MaiLin, yours truly, Jem, PeiYee, Sharon, 'unknown A', Christina, 'unknown B', Titin & Novri.

Macam-macam makanan ada... susah payah betul si amoi ni...

With her backbone, the lăogōng. Malu-malu si Deric.

Happy birthday, my dear! I'm so happy that you have gone through it successfully. Muah mmuahhh.


Because a farewell is not a farewell with the PIC, we had another dessert session at Astonish Patisserie in the city.

It's a quiet little cafe with a cosy and antique setting

'She loves me I know for I told her so'

Masalah bila dating dengan orang sweet tooth, macam ni la... meraban nak makan semua benda. And we ended up with this...

The molten chocolate ball. 
With marshmallow.
And candy floss. 
And cheesecake, 
And pop corn.
And kerepek pisang (eh?).


Gambar engkak-engkak kitorang time depan makanan tak leh post, sebab nampak sangat buruk perangai. Mak ada reputasi yang perlu dijaga sekarang. Wakakakaka...


Soon, the day has come. I had to say goodbye to my dear PIC.
Walaupun bergegas-gegas pagi tu (standard la, flight Adelaide ke KL memang pagi je)... I managed to catch up with her.

This was our last gambar gedik together before the tears ruined our make-ups.

Bye, Sharon. 
I'll see you again, okay.

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