Friday, December 13, 2013

Lots of reasons to celebrate!

Christmas lunch is not necessarily for Christmas. Yesterday, we had a Christmas lunch, at La Vita Ristorante, Kidman Park.

Beautiful setting (I guess kalau bukan musim Christmas pun, it is lovely too!). Nice ambience.
Last year's was a bit lousy. but this one was good indeed. Maunye tidak... memang Dino is a regular customer there.

So, apart from this year's achievement (collaboration with the US Govt...yada yada....), Sharyn's been awarded the Best Paper-God-knows-what, Dino also announced that he has been promoted to Professor!
Hoyehhh!!! Hoyeh!!!
No more 'Ass' in front of the 'Prof' - as we made joke about it :P

Anyway, aku tetap panggil dia nama jer. Orang Malaysia je poyo, kalo ada title Dato Seri Prof Madya Dr Haji Mabrur Tawaf Qudum semua nak sebut.

We had garlic bread and schiacciata antipasto (pizza bread with olive tapenade, bocconcini, prosciutto and rocket) as entrees.
Then masing-masing order la meal apa yang nak...  boss bayar. Hehehe

I wanted to order Mare Piatto, but ended up with this pan seared Atlantic salmon fillet served on a potato rosti, sautéed asparagus and brocollini topped with hollandaise sauce
Not bad. Tapi aku kan perut elastik... makan sikit-sikit ni mana le puas. Mihmihmih.

 Linda and Xiao were not there, but these are the muka-wajib, anyway.

Desserts time!!!! Mmmm... bahagia la sweet tooth aku!
They ordered Tiramisu (which I couldn't eat, sebab ada coffee liquer), Panna Cotta, and Zeppole...

Zeppole- italian doughnuts! Sebijik macam churros rupanya. Dipped in chocolate and ice cream. Nyummm...

Sila bayangkan...Sv aku yang snap gambar ni guna henpon dia. Hehehe

Looking for a more fruitful year ahead. Aminnn...


  1. akak suka churros tu..... nyummm nyummmmm :)

    1. Kat sini kalo nak berchurros kat luar tu, parah la kalo selalu2.
      Kena la buat sendiri.


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