Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Where Santa wears shorts, and snowman is a sandyman

Merry Xmas mate! Ho-ho-ho!

In Downunder, where 'White Christmas' is so irrelevant. 

Santa- Janggut panjang memutih, tapi pakai shorts je. Or if the heatwaves hit, tak pakai langsung la kot! Bahahaha

For snowman, we have 'sandyman' :-P

This is the Xmas on a Summer Wonderland! Hahaha

Cricket’s on, are you listening
On my brow, sweat is glistening
Crackin a beer, we’re glad to be here
Christmas in a summer wonderland

Come around, bring your cossies
And some spray for the mozzies
We’re havin a lark
in the caravan park
Living in a summer wonderland

In the afternoon we’ll have a barbie
Even in a total fire ban
Marinate the bangers with a stubbie
And give a glass of sherry to your nan

Later on, we'll perspire,
As the temperature gets higher
Santa looks out of sorts
He should be in shorts
Christmas in a summer wonderland.

1 comment:

  1. i still find it weird to see santa in shorts. perhaps kena rasai sendiri baru la bole digest betul2 kot. post doc in aussie me thinks is a good idea, no? *mode verangan tak bole blah pagi2 ni hehehe*


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