Sunday, March 30, 2008

Time for tea! (again)

Once in every semester or better still, once a year…my students will go to the Cameron Highlands. Well, not that I am very fond of the place. Last year, it was the first… and this year, is because I am not entering a forest when I bring li’l Adam along.

So, for the sake of Hydrology and Water Resources and Fundamentals of Air Pollution (as documented in the paperwork ;))…Rusdin & I brought the ASB3EN students to Cameron Highlands for 3 days, 2 nights.

Well, as usual...water sampling at Lata Iskandar, Gunung Berembun, Mosses Forest, etc.

At night, we played Charade the S game... My group won! and I dominated the S game too... Haha. Sometimes, winning too many times doesn't make u feel good huh? :P

At the night market, Sham & I bought boxes of fruit tea, strawberries and flowers. I was so excited to get good bargain for my fav lilies. I hinted the students "Who wants to get an A for this subject? The hint is, I love lilies..." Hahaha. But no one dared to bribe me!

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