Friday, March 14, 2008 I come!

I don't view this Misi Akademik (Program KPT bersama Rakyat: Jom Masuk U) as a burden. This time, the program brought me to Kota Kinabalu. The place I've always wanted to go.
That's why to me, it's more like a trip to enjoy. See, the importance of ikhlas in everything we do!

I was kinda anxious wondering whether Adam will be fine being in the plane. Apparently, he behaved very well that even Adi (the colleague who travelled with me) was impressed.
Looks like Adam is comfortable being handled by Adi when I need to loosen my muscles or taking my turn to eat.

We checked in at the Radius International Waterfront. The room was not so big, but spacious enough for the three of us. This is the view from our room. Nice huh?

Well, we were occupied on Saturday and Sunday with the program...providing info to the prospective students. Most of them were unsure of their ways after leaving schools. Poor them!
The worse part is, they didn't bother to ask.
Instead, we were the one asking them asking what their ambitions/interests are. (some of them couldn't even give a firm answer)

The stupid ones came up with questions like...
"What if I want to be a stewardess?"
"I want to be a doctor, can't I?" (she barely has an A in her exam slip)
"Can I apply for Asasi (matriculation) program?" (they don't even have an A)

The ignorant non-Bumis also came up looking for info. Hello, not to be racist...but this is Universiti Teknologi MARA. I repeat, MARA... so it means, only for Bumiputeras.

Sham also brought us to places where he used to hangout during his undergrad days. This is his fav place for bubble tea. There, he has another dash of bubble milk tea.
(Macam Filipino lak...amik gambar kat shopping complex...hahaha)
On our way back to KL, then only Adam started making noise (it could be the humming noise of the flight, or the pressure fluctuation that bothered him).
He refused to stop crying though I played peek aboo and breastfed him. The guy in the same row even gave him a bunch of keys to cheer him up, but that only worked for a few minutes.

The only solution? I had to carry him, to the tail of the aeroplane while he smiled at other passengers. There, I chitchatted with the stewardesses until they asked me to return to my seat, where Adam continued screaming again. Sigh!

Just minutes upon arrival at the airport, Adam's nappy and romper needed to be changed. wonder he was not happy...his stomach was upset!
Adam...adam... (shaking my head)

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