Sunday, March 9, 2008

In the baby seat

This week, we commute between Shah Alam - Equatorial Bangi almost everyday. Sham has a certification course and coincidently, I have a seminar too.

The room was spacious and had a good view. We didn't really occupy the room provided, though... but we enjoyed the spread of buffet. Nyum nyum...I love it! Am never bored of the scrumptious seafood, delectable healthy pies and toothsome sweet desserts. Hahaha

This week also sees another new thing for little Adam. After being pampered so much, sitting on Mama's lap when Sham's driving, finally Adam has to learn to sit in the newly bought baby car seat. Look at his blur face...hehehe

During the weekend, I brought little Adam to meet Auntie Bibah & Auntie Putri (my diploma mates). There were lotsa gossip and stories shared. Luckily, Sham is understanding and supportive to gimme time for ladies' day out.
Hope your turn will be soon, babes :P

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