Thursday, March 27, 2008

Retro dinner

Last night, AS229 had a Pre-Grad Dinner, with the theme Retro. It was a bit confusing whether we should wear 60’s retro (like P.Ramlee/Saloma) or 70’s retro (like Elvis/John Travolta). No one wore afro hair though.

I myself wore a red/black polka dot blouse, tied in the waist. And Sham had a red handkerchief at his neck. Little Adam had a striped red tie along with his polka dot pyjamas.

Looking at the my extra-concern on how good/ugly would I look, before getting outta the car, Sham said “This is the problem when the lecturer has a young heart! She never had enough when she was a student”

Hahaha. That’s me… always trying my best to make the theme happen!

The function went well. Luckily, I wasn’t asked to karaoke..hehe…how good to have a baby! Plus, the students were all willing to babysit Adam when we enjoy the meals.

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