Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Lil Adib and coins

This morning, he was holding a $2 gold coin, so I asked him "What do u wanna buy with that $2?"
He went into the room, and handed me a $1 gold coin "Maccas one dollar!"
*I thought..Parokkk..pagi2 ni takkan nak Frozen Coke*

Then he went into the room again, showed me both gold coins and said "$3".
"Good! 1 + 2 = 3. Yes...3 dollars."
*I thought.. time ni la dia nak tunjuk bakat. Cepat la Adib oiii. Kang lambat abang kau sampai sekolah*

He went into the room again... this time with a grin, he showed me this coin and confidently said "Look! $10".


Kaya la mama kalau yg tu $10, nak oiii. Ada chance mama jadi billionaire.

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