Thursday, November 7, 2013

AirAsia is flying Adelaide!

Sempena dengan their inaugural flight to Adelaide (on the 30th Oct), last Saturday, they organized a BBQ lunch for some fellow Malaysians.

It was a closed invitation, arranged by Dato Hassan (the Honorary Consul). So by default, semua yang dalam students club committee dijemput. Nasib baiklah aku laki bini dalam committee, so takde la nampak awkward sangat. Hehe.

Yang bestnya, dalam lunch tu ada dua lucky draws- berupa tiket flight balik Malaysia. Not sure whether it's a return ticket or one way ticket.
Tapi, of course la excited kan?

 just one of the old promos

Dengar cerita, plan untuk terbang KL-Adelaide dah lama nak buat... tapi tahun ni baru terlaksana.
Alhamdulillah, at least ada options to fly cheap- just in case kalau ada emergency kena balik ke Malaysia.

Kitorang sampai kat Bradford Lodge pun tak la awal sangat, sebab half way baru tersedar terlupa bawak kasut Lil Adib (dia masuk kereta berdukung, hence the tertinggal case). So, kena patah balik ke rumah. Nasib baik event tak start lagi time tu.

The gents were still busy barbecueing kat backyard. Macam-macam ada.

Bukan setakat lamb chops, chicken wings and sausages jer...

 Kalau dah nama Malaysians, dengan segala satay, rice salads, eggs, veges, you-name-it-lah.

Makanan je la ikut style Malaysians. I mean... makanan yang banyaaaaak!!!
Tapi event tu sangatlah simple. 
Masa Dato Hassan bg speech, masa the AirAsia guy buat  lucky draw pun aku dok terkedu, tak sempat snap gambar. Hahaha. How lame! (maka tak banyak la gambar yang menarik).

Tau-tau je dua nombor dipanggil.
Sedar-sedar je, bukan nombor aku. Hahaha. Memang I am always unlucky when it comes to this.

So, layan gambar syok sendiri je la kan?

Me and Kavitha.
Malu-malu tenuk aku nak tanya, dia ke awek Kuhan. Nasib baik aku ada mukaddimah baekkk punya.

Kat luar dewan, the kids are occupied with iPads.
Well, you know lah...nowadays that's the 'babysitter that is equal to Nanny McPhee'. (okay, bad momma I am).

 Perut dah kenyang, apa lagi? Balik la...

Thank you, AirAsia.

Just another shot of us, before leaving the event.
Yup...kena balik awal sebab ada task membuat kuih untuk Multicultural Festival (in the next entry).

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