Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Perfect :(

Today, I have a lecture (in the morning).

Then, I have an appointment with the lawyer.

Next, I have to get the medical check-up results from the Pusat Kesihatan.

Yet I have to conduct the audit for 5 programs (hafta lead a group lak tu).

And to make everything perfect, Lil Adib Tomeyto demam tak kebah-kebah.


Perfect cycle!

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  1. whoaa...sabar you...dia dmm x kebah2 berapa hari dah? girls pun semua batuk x baik2 dah almost a month (x kan nak gi antibiotik lg?)

  2. alamak...yeah AIR2 pun demam ...3 days and luckily today dah ok...

    hope he gets better soon!!


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