Thursday, July 21, 2011

MC is ok, but emcee???u gotta be kidding

Okay,today I have to observe my little darling (again) and I dont know how those housewives without maids do it 24/7. Giler hebat.

Poor Lil Adib having fever on the 3rd day.

So, I couldnt make it to the important meeting for assigning tasks for the MOU signing ceremony very soon.
I called and told the pain-in-the-ass that I couldnt turn up, and was asked if I could be the Emcee for that big day.
Emcee= MC = Master of Ceremony okay!
And it's a big event involving pihak luar.

I said NO, knowing myself well that I am not good at protocol and formal events. So, better assign other task to me.

Later, I was updated that I WOULD BE THE EMCEE!!!
You gotta be kidding, man!!! Kang malu pihak UiTM bcoz of me.

Fine, I have the experience but it was just for a program Family Day or so (during those degree years). And I dont think the event was lively bcoz of me.
I know my strength and weaknesses well. If I am good at it, tak payah suruh, I'd volunteer myself.

Why oh why the pain-in-the-ass picked me?
Prolly now I have to start polishing my professional PR skills on protocols... Or just let them face the consequences for memandai-mandai assigning me???

What say u, peeps???

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  1. sian adib..cepat sembuh ye darling bucuk2

  2. cepat sembuh ya adib..mama nak kena jadi mc tu..hihi..

    mmg ketaq kalau kena jadi mc..tapi itu satu peluang yg bagus..cuba sehabis baik..resultnya baik atau tak..satu pengalaman baru..kan kan.. hehe..

  3. selalu gitu la.. yg kita tanak tu la yg kita dapat huhuhu.. tp kalau dah disuruh gitu i doubt it dorang akan tarik balik.. so the best thing for u to do now is be prepared!

  4. sian si kecik.. so bila nak ngedate?

  5. alahai, sian dia.moga bambam cepat sembuh :)

    aku suka gak jadi emcee tp peluang jarang tiba , kecuali tadak orang lain :p

  6. belle, harussslah boleh! kan u dapat best presenter aritu :D tu yg drg pilih tu hihi all the best. & get well soon adib :)

  7. adib..get well soon ye..
    belle..i've no doubt yg kau boleh jd emcee yg bagus..juz be prepared..u can do it lahhh..!! :)


  8. i dont doubt at all yg u bole buat punya. BUT, kalo dah kena skali, nnt kena berkali2, is all i can say.

    -former MC yg sukeee sbb study leave. hrp2 mereka terlupa bab ini when i lapor diri balik semula esok2-

  9. sian Adib. get well soon. Insyallah u can do it. Just prepare the text and get some opinion..


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