Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sagu... oh sagu...

Alkisahnye, birasku is a cartoonist, with the nickname Sagu. It reminds me of my childhood days...

That was during Ramadhan, the fasting month. I was not yet in kindy (bcoz I started fasting when I was 6).

Mak cooked this kuih called sagu. It's coloured pink and covered with grated coconut. Mak called me... to taste it, whether it was too sweet or not.

Being a naive 5-year old (or maybe less), I didn't know what to answer. So, to play safe, I tasted and said "ok".

Anyway, after that I saw her putting some more sugar into the pot containing the sagu. I was confused. Then, she called me again to re-taste. This time, lack of guile...

I answered "It's not sweet la."

Hahaha...I was scolded.

But now, when I think about it...it's hilarious :P

Monday, October 29, 2007

First time

1) 1st time boarding a flight
12th February 2005. Haha...It took me 25 years to board a flight!
Dah la first time, gi oversea (Aus) lak tu....sorang2 lak tu.

2) 1st time giving birth
18th Sept 2007. (18 = 9, sept = 9, 2+0+0+7 =9). Gave birth to a chubby Cikebum!

3)1st time went overseas
Same answer as in Q1. Twas for my Masters in UQ.

4)1st time away from family
Hostel when I was 13 (Form 1). But it was much better than being at home :P

5)1st time work
Intel Penang, while waiting for SPM results. It was so relaxing that I still wonder why some people think working in a manufacturing company is hectic? :P

6) 1st time feeling fat
Hmm.. frankly, I never felt fat until I tried putting on pants during confinement. Hahaha. Memang la! Now, the pants are loose (mcm pinjam je).
Other than that, maybe once, when I looked at this pix I took in BNE (autumn 2006), I felt like a chubby girl with a round face looking back at me.

7)1st time in love
Puppy love? Standard 2 :p I wonder where the guy is now?

8)1st time feeling pretty
What an ambiguous question! That took me quite long I guess.

9)1st time entering cinema
Hmm I was a kiddo. Acik & I managed to persuade Abah to bring us watch Robocop. No fancy cinemas like GSC/TGV...it was just at Cathay. Robocop was so cool back then!

10) 1st time admitted in hospital
Standard 5, minor surgery for bisul. Hehe.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Two words combined

How could these words came together as a term? Answers. anyone?

  • Act naturally.
  • Found missing.
  • Genuine imitation.
  • Safe sex.
  • Good grief.
  • Same difference.
  • Almost exactly.

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