Monday, October 29, 2007

First time

1) 1st time boarding a flight
12th February 2005. Haha...It took me 25 years to board a flight!
Dah la first time, gi oversea (Aus) lak tu....sorang2 lak tu.

2) 1st time giving birth
18th Sept 2007. (18 = 9, sept = 9, 2+0+0+7 =9). Gave birth to a chubby Cikebum!

3)1st time went overseas
Same answer as in Q1. Twas for my Masters in UQ.

4)1st time away from family
Hostel when I was 13 (Form 1). But it was much better than being at home :P

5)1st time work
Intel Penang, while waiting for SPM results. It was so relaxing that I still wonder why some people think working in a manufacturing company is hectic? :P

6) 1st time feeling fat
Hmm.. frankly, I never felt fat until I tried putting on pants during confinement. Hahaha. Memang la! Now, the pants are loose (mcm pinjam je).
Other than that, maybe once, when I looked at this pix I took in BNE (autumn 2006), I felt like a chubby girl with a round face looking back at me.

7)1st time in love
Puppy love? Standard 2 :p I wonder where the guy is now?

8)1st time feeling pretty
What an ambiguous question! That took me quite long I guess.

9)1st time entering cinema
Hmm I was a kiddo. Acik & I managed to persuade Abah to bring us watch Robocop. No fancy cinemas like GSC/ was just at Cathay. Robocop was so cool back then!

10) 1st time admitted in hospital
Standard 5, minor surgery for bisul. Hehe.

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