Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Chubby cheek, shy baby!

In this 7th month (29 weeks, 3days), my weight is 56.4 kg. Excellent! I've gained somewhat 13 kg so far.
I wonder whether it's the baby...or it's me! :P

Scanning showed that the baby's head has turned down. Whoa! What's next, huh?

Dr. Saimah tried hard to see the gender of my baby...but what I got is only this...the face of my little darling. He's too shy to show his 'thing'...hihihi.

Fair enough!
At least, I could see that the munchkin has no cleft (Alhamdulillah)...and he has chubby cheeks-like Sham's! That must be adorable...

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