Monday, July 23, 2007

Black rat snake

Yes, I know. This is not a pix of the snake. I just don't intend to put it in this blog.

Yesterday, when we arrived home (almost dusk)... there was this little note attached near the main door.
"Kakak, hati-hati masuk rumah. Saya nampak ular hitam masuk pintu belakang tadi"
(Sis, be careful when entering. I saw a black snake slithering in through the back door just now")

So, we entered and rummaged the stuff in the rooms & living area haphazardly. Nothing was found. Upon seeing the lights were turned on, the neighbour called us and told us that they saw it sliding into the laundry room. Carefully, Sham opened the door...and there it was. Right in front of the door.

Sham told me to shower, pray and stay in the room while he called the fire station. I called Abah, and he told me to throw some coarse salt or spray it with insecticides, so it would just stay in one place but Sham refused to do it.

Then, the rescue team came and caught the snake. It was a rat snake, as they called it.

After that only Sham clarified to me that he didn't want to harm the snake to avoid taboo. Oh yes, I forgot that I am pregnant...
There is a prejudice that prohibits us from killing/beating animals because of its sacred nature, else the baby would come out impaired.

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