Thursday, February 19, 2015

TT- Throwback 10yrs ago

Aritu masa kat Canberra, aku belek-belek postcards kat kedai souvenirs... terjumpa postcard ni.
Terus aku tunjuk kat MrHubby... "Ingat tak?"
"Mesti la ingat."

This postcard has a very sentimental value.
It flies me back to February, 10 yrs ago. 

Of all the postcards, I chose this one to be sent to Mr-Boyfriend.
The first postcard sent from Brisbane to his office.

Saja tak hantar surat (which could be more private), dan saja tak hantar postcard biasa.
Okay...ada keji sikit di situ.... 
But that's all I could think of, untuk announce secara subtle (and a way of saying 'no' to the other person). Mihmihmih.

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