Saturday, December 23, 2006

Fireflies @ Kg Kuantan

Well, this is the only must-join couple who shares a lot with us...Jalak & Dian.
Dian is very nice to me, a good friend. And Jalak...most of the time will go haywired and stretched with his jokes. So when we meet, the place we are in might be shaking due to laughter!

And this time, the after one month being husband & wife... both couples joined to go to Kg Kuantan, to watch the fireflies. It was an amazing phenomenon!

Unfortunately, we could only take pix in the daylight. Cameras are not allowed as the flash will scare the fireflies away. Therefore, there's no point for us to take pix in the darkness. hehehe.

Besides, the place have to be extremely quite. No wonder they only use sampans, instead of noisy motorboats!

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