Friday, December 1, 2006

Honeymoon at Cherating

About one week after the wedding, Sham & I went for our first honeymoon at Cherating. Actually, I really wanted to go to Perhentian Island but the monsoon season made us postpone the plan. Sham wanted to go to Langkawi, but I don't really find it an interesting for a honeymoon.

When we first reached there, we have already got the impression that the place is not gonna be very nice. The place was also occupied by people attending workshops from the Dept. of Education. But what to do? We were already there...

They even spoiled the surprise by asking whether to gimme the bouquet of flowers at the counter itself, or later in the room. To cut it short, I got the bouquet with a box of chocs & sparkling juice while we were resting in the room.

Afterwards, we went to the beach...nothing very special about the beach. We strolled, holding hands, talking about the new life we have now, the future, etc. How nice to be with the loved one!

We also went to a Turtle Sanctuary Centre and to Kemaman, enjoying some truly delicious sata.
Not many shots taken, as we were shy to ask people snapping photos for us. Hehe.

The last night there, we had a so-called-romantic dinner. We had two choices-by the poolside or in the room. I decided to have it by the poolside (assuming outdoor ambience is better than indoor). Again, unfortunately for us...there were a group of 'ciwi@jakun' Chinese (from China) in the pool, shouting really loud while splattering in the water. Buduh... abis romantik ke mana, apa ke mana!

Apparently, the first honeymoon was not as beautiful as expected, but that's ok. We'll go for the 2nd, 3rd or even 4th to other places :P

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