Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Langkawi-the sweet moments

From the beginning, Sham has always wanted to go to Langkawi. I, being the person who have been there once didn't think it's a nice place for honeymoon.

Anyway, we finally did, as Kak Zu sponsored the accommodation at Berjaya Langkawi Beach & Spa Resort. Thanks, Kak Zu ;)

We rented a scooter to have a more adventurous experience. Dreaming to be like the mat salehs around. Haha! Most foreign tourists there rode bikes, instead of driving cars.

We didn't try the nearby cable car though, as it was under construction. But we went to the Underwaterworld that Sham really wanted to go...watching the big fish gliding & little penguins dancing with their happy feet! Other than that, we did some shopping at Pekan Kuah, near Beras Terbakar, and some other places.
The best part is having seafood at a restaurant near a river. We really enjoyed it! Finger lickin' good! But we were not so greedy like the couple we saw, they didn't even say a word since the seafood was served. They just focused on filling their own tummies.

Then, on our way back to the resort, we stopped at the beach, watching sunset. How I wished I had the chance to try paragliding...but there's no such opportunity during this visit. Maybe next time.

Bye, Langkawi. Sham said, he might wanna go there again... Me? I don't mind.

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