Friday, February 2, 2007

A little love...

I have missed my mense cycle for about a fortnight. After a few days of delay, Sham & I went to the clinic.

As Sham parked the car, I saw myself trembling. Dunno why…maybe I am just not very sure whether I am ready to be informed that I am expecting, as I don't have any 'newly-weds symptoms'.

Sham held my hands and said “Whatever it is, we’ll face it together.”

To cut it short, the UV sound showed a little lump!!!

I was speechless as I thought it’s too soon.

Dr. Saimah said "'s not too soon la. Allah knows the best for u"

Yes, we’ve discussed about this matter earlier-it’s not an issue to have one a.s.a.p or later. But how late is late? And how soon is soon?

Calm down, Is. There’s no such thing like ‘ready’ –the same as the wedding day. The time just comes when it’s due.

People say the bond will develop from time to time. No, not that I don’t welcome him/her (I hope he/she wouldn’t think that way). I am just too shocked!

Apparently, there’s an addition of love in this month (besides my birthday and Valentine’s Day).

The baby is due on 20th or 27th Sept 2007 (my fault for not remembering my last mense). That'd be during Ramadhan! Hahaha... I'd have to qada' many days of fasting then :P


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