Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cikgu cikgu on the hall (of fame)...who is the fav of 'em all?

It must feel good to receive a text msg (or a call, or a card) from students who appreciate and remember us as teachers/lecturers/educators.

I myself remember with special warmth those teachers with whom I had encountered of the piquant kind. Those days, there were cikgus with stern voice and wicked-looking wooden ruler (the standard visual aids then) contrasted intriguingly with their smiling eyes.

My fav teachers are my English teachers in the primary school (Mr. P.Panjanathan and Miss Jenny Ooi Joo Lin).

Cikgu Panja a.k.a Sir has a strict character, with his serious one dares to make fun in his class or even when bumping into him. Even so, he always called me for nursery rhyme recital, or to show a role model to the other students. Hahaha!

Teacher Ooi on the other hand, is a friendly one. I remember she lent me her Girl Guide uniform for the 'An Honest Sampan Man' play. Despite her slim figure, the uniform was still baggy for a 12-year-old me!

Oh my... It'd be nice to meet them again after 15 years. I owe them a lot for providing me good English basics and seeing the potential in me. Am not sure of their whereabouts though.

Unfortunately, when 16th May comes, students only remember teachers. They don't think that lecturers are supposed to be celebrated too.

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