Monday, May 21, 2007

Still in the mood for honeymoon

Perhentian Island…here we come!
Last few years, I went there alone because I fell in love with the underwater scenery. But this time…not only that I come with the love of my life…but also with a baby in my tummy!

Being 5-month pregnant does not stop me from doing what I love. I just imagine as if I am showing the amazing underwater panorama to the little munchkin in my tummy.

Kamal, being a great diver...always makes sure that we see what we were supposed to see. The baby shark, turtle, and not to forget, Nemo in our hands! hehehe.

I could see Sham enjoying himself very much, that he was drifted away by the current and was reluctant to get onto the boat when time was up.

When we did not snorkel, we just rest on the beach. The funny thing is -the Caucasians would deliberately sunbathe under the sun, while the Asians would sneak under the shadows of trees. Hahaha! We have enough melanin, mate!

Guess... whose tummy is this? Mine or Sham's? :P

I'd like to say, this is the best honeymoon I ever had. It's a bit late...but why not? It was delayed because of the season, not that I didn't wanna come here earlier.
To Kamal, thanks a lot for the hospitality... and for everything. (He even climbed the coconut tree, to get me a young coconut). You are such a great friend!

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