Monday, December 24, 2007

Tahnik pulak

Abah also invited Ustaz Badrinizar Al Hafiz for the tahnik ceremony. Well, it wasn't a ceremony actually. Twas a quite one. He came, did it for Adam and that's it.

And this wasn't the first time Adam belah mulut... he had the unofficial one in the labour room itself when I breasftfed him for the first time.

This is the practice of feeding the baby with chewed dates. The dates are chewed by an adult and spread on the baby's palate.

It was reported in Sahih Muslim that Anas Ibn Malik said :

“I brought Abdullah Ibn Abi Thalhah Al Ansari to meet the Prophet (PBUH) after his birth. That time, the Prophet was wearing a sweater and was spreading oil on his camel.

The Prophet asked : Did you bring some dates ?

I answered : Yes. Then I passed him a few dates and he started chewing them. He then opened the baby's mouth and placed some dates and this made the baby lick and swallow the dates.”

It is encouraged for the tahnik to be performed by revered personality in the community. This is for them to make supplication and invoke blessings upon the baby.

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