Thursday, August 24, 2006

Unhappy birthday :'(

As usual, I'd be planning something for Sham's birthday.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find a suitable present (twas only two small ones).

To make things worse, the stupid bakery sold away the cake I booked (and paid for) the day before, and Mas & I had to wait for them to decorate a new one (without courtesy).

When we wanted to rush to Sham's office, Mas's car was blocked by an idiot's car. OMG! Please gimme patience!
I was sad that he was kinda bz and not ready for a fun celebration I prepared. I couldn't control my tears anymore when someone said "Why didn't Sam just sit down for a while, or at least have a bite of the cake? He just cut the cake and went away".

Well, the drama went on... I couldn't care less. I was totally hurt!

So, I disappeared for a few days. I really needed to think.....

* * * * * *
A few days later, I arranged another small celebration with Jalak & Dian (at their place).
I don't want Sham's 28th birthday to be remarked by an unhappy memory.

See... I smeared some chocolate cream onto his face! :)

Ok, sweetie pie! Happy birthday... and please don't hurt my feelings again!

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