Sunday, August 20, 2006

Eventually...a blog

When friends started introduce me to blogs, I really wanted to have one, my own. But it has been delayed for sooo long.

I remember amongst the first few blogs I read were Bear's ( and Berrybear's (now I think it's the way they wrote (or type!) in their blogs that fancied me.

I used to wonder what does 'blog' mean? Now I's a contraction of 'weblog.'

Bray, being an Aussie in a developed country once asked me and Joy..."Hey girls, what's a blog?". And we started making fun outta him by saying "It's like...a sound produced when ur head hit something... "blog!" Hahahaha.
Certainly he wasn't satisfied, but he has to grin and bear with us. Hahaha

Well, not to say that I don't like reading books... but it has to be a really interesting book to make me stick at a corner with the book in my hand.

This blog is gonna be a record of my past and my thoughts... to be read by those who like my writing.

It might need a story-telling skill that I am lacking of, but that's not a problem. This is MY blog. So, I'll just write whatever I wish to.

And...oh yes...there's a lot of cleaning up to do in my dusty head to make sure I don't neglect this blog and let it full with cobwebs.

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