Friday, April 27, 2007

When positive is sometimes negative...

It's public hols, I was just at home- cooking for my beloved bear, watching TV and resting. Later in the afternoon, I rang MIL but was picked by FIL. We talked until he raised the issue about the old van...
and jokingly asked if my bear can pay the down payment to buy a car. Gulp!

I laughed as if it's not a serious matter...but he kept mentioning it.
I hinted about the expected baby, which means that we'd need to do some savings. Yet he insisted (with lame excuses).
So, I passed the phone to my bear.

Come bed time, my bear asked whether I have given a thought of what his Abah requested. I couldn't say much but "Why does it have to be U again, just U?"
... and the pillows were stained with my tears.
Please gimme a break. First, the increase of allowance...then, extras for shopping in Sarawak... now? down payment for a car? parents NEVER ASKED for even a single cent from the children! I remember offering Abah to buy him a new bike, but he replied "Then, who's gonna bear the monthly payment?" That clearly reflects how considerate my Abah was.

I don't wanna brag about Abah, let alone my Mak. Whether she earns or not; a lot or a little... I've never heard her saying... "Mintak mak singgit (or such)." That's the truth!
My parents never asked the kids to visit them, and never asked for any allowances from any of us (including my only brother).

Fine! Two families are incomparable. They're the type who visit the children every now and then, while parents are not. That's undeniably a pro.
But how on earth did my parents perceive the idea of not burdening the kids & in-laws?

What disappoint me most is -Don't they consider about the coming new family member? It's not the 2nd, not the 3rd that I should not be spending to much. It's the first-and I don't have any single thing to be reused. Everything has to start from zero!

Poor my little angel! He/she must be stressed. I'm sorry honey. Mama doesn't mean to blame U. Remember, dear... I don't want U to be the fav grandson. Just be an ordinary one! Bcoz I believe, it makes life easier.

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