Monday, April 9, 2007

Ethics at Sedim

I just came back from a field visit to Sg Sedim with Ustaz Mohd Noor and the students for Environmental Ethics.

Sham waited for me to pass the car keys and then he went to watch the F1 racing. Am not so into it---actually because of the heat and the noise!

Well, the camping wasn't that bad.

I just had a slight backpain and didn't dare to be overexcited while playing in the water, as Abah advised. The tree top walk thingey was nothing actually.

The worst part is the pervert driver...eee...I thought I was the only one who realized it. Apparently, some female students also did.

Next time, if I were to bring the students for a field visit, I'll make sure the driver is not the same person...

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