Wednesday, February 29, 2012

3X pampered by dear ones

Just because my birthday was a very quiet one (macam tahap nenek-nenek yang dah tua gitu)... I was thinking 'Should I stop celebrating excessively?'

Nah...I was wrong.

The day after my birthday, I was surprised by my dear students :)

My FYP students  -Anas, Faisal, Farah, Kirin, Myma, Shakir brought me a cake! Ayun & Yana, though in different boats (not under my supervision) pun terlibat gak.

It was such a blessing having them around-it made me feel special (lantak la kalo aku SS 'feel sensorang' je pun. Ekekeke)
Bee & Nurul my ex-students and Winie who happened to be there pun join jugak.

The Strawberry Chocolate Cake was sooooo...toothsome!

 Kalo korang tereris, cer cari perbezaan pada kedua-dua gambar ni...

 Hint: Diskaun *hehehe*

Thank you very much dearies :")

Lain kali nak belanja, tak yah tunggu my birthday tau. Huahuahua


Later that day, I had a date with geng berjimba kat Aussie dulu. 
Last minute, date dengan Andy je kat Empire, sebab Fiza (my partner-in-crime) went MIA.

Went to Belanga. 

Nice settin, ay?

The restaurant serves Kelantanese cuisine.

We tried this Nasi Tumpang as an appetizer.
Cenggini rupanya bila dah buka. It's like nasi impit yang dipadatkan berlapis dengan sambal bilis dan udang/ikan.

Nasi goreng belacan for me (terasa 'char' tu)

and Nasi Kerabu Ikan Bakar for Andy (air asam dia best)

Then, we sat at T forty Two for the sweet tooth treat :P
Agaknya nama cafe tu macam tu just to make it sound like Tea-for-Two...tapi confirm la bukan yang umur Forty Two je boleh celebrate kat sini. Hehehe

The lovely setting reminds me of  The Banquet.

We had a great chat rekindling my birthday at the park (by the Brisbane River) once ago.

We ordered my fav. Chamomile Tea (a bit too strong, maybe I got the 'essence' kot. Kakakaka), 
Red Velvet (not soury cheesy enough),  macarons (what is so speacial about macarons?) and Macadamia brownie (sedap nak mamfus---bias tau aku nih)
Naik kembang tekak nak abiskan semua yang manis tu. Amekkaw! 
Thanks, Andy...for the treat.

And here's a 'galak' pose from the birthday girl :)



Yesterday, I was treated at Tony Roma's.
Gluttony! Oh my gluttony!

Beef ribs and breaded shrimps for me.

Shrimp and salmon for him.

Please excuse the buruk-lantak pose.

And this rose gold watch is added to my collection.
Yay! Thank you my dear friend.

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WW-how i wish...

I love these lazy Saturdays

It's Wednesday, Homer!

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

One year older, one year wiser

26th Feb has just passed.

This year, I got these cute and meaningful cards from my darlings.
Yang tulis M.A.M.A tu Lil Adam la yang tulis...hehe 

It was anyway just a simple and quiet one for me sebab MrHubby kena gi kursus pulak petang tu (sentap hati mak noks!)
So, we just went out to celebrate at Bukit Jelutong. Ingat nak gi Secret Recipe je... alih-alih ternampak The San Francisco Pizza. So, why not give it a try kan?


Lil Adib busy picking what he wants from the menu

We ended up with these Ice White Coffee (MrHubby cakap biasa je), Lime Special (tastes more like Lemon Soda rather than asam boi + lime)...and plain water.

 Caprieciosa pizza- freshly made. Memang rasa best lah.

and the oh-so-creamy Grilled Fish Fillet


Budak notty gatal tangan nak press the bell. Tak pasal-pasal mamat waiter tu kena datang. Hahaha

And to substitute the birthday my favourite-ever Brownie with Ice Cream :P

Happy birthday to myself!
I wish for a happy family, great companions, good health and a smooth journey. Aminnn...

Sila bagi hadiah birthday kat I dengan meng'klik' iklan Nuffnang kat atas tu ye? Hahaha

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Dilemma- If u know what I mean

Now that she is a BIG NO.

 Which one should I say yes to?


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